Terms of Business - please ensure that when booking you read through carefully and contact Lauren if you have any questions - Thank you

Working Hours & Costs

Monday - Sunday - times dependent on event

NB We can accommodate Sunday & Bank Holiday weddings, where, if there is availability price will be upon quotation. Please note, that wedding make-up and or hair trials, are not carried out on Bank Holidays.

At time of booking, Lauren will require a deposit of £50 per booking  (unless otherwise specified ) for make-up and hair services, which keeps, both the trial date and wedding date free in either Lauren or her team's diary. Deposit's can be made by bank transfer only. Paying a deposit means your date will not be released to anybody else. Please remember, your deposit will be deducted off final wedding day balance and not trial.  When the provisional booking is made, Lauren will confirm receipt of payment and the security of your booking is complete. It is the bride's responsibility to ensure they have read and fully understood Brides to be Make-up terms of business prior booking, during booking and after wedding day.

Trials are carried out either  at your home or wedding/special occasion venue. Any appointment over 15 miles from our base in Bexleyheath may incur a charge of up to £1.50 per mile which please be aware this comes into effect on the return journey of both trial and actual day if applicable.  Please note however this can slightly change due to freelancer's location, however you will always be notified at time of enquiry/booking and in most cases travel costs are discounted.

Timings please allow up to 30 minutes possible lateness for me or any member of my team to reach you on any given booking. This is because we may be caught in traffic and we are getting from different ends of the South East.  We will of course, always endeavour to contact you to let you know if this ever is going to happen.

Payment detail, cancellations & last minute trials

Cheques are not accepted. Therefore payments need to be made via bank transfer 7 days prior to appointment or cash on trial date only. If a cancellation has been made by Brides to be Make-up and we do not give you 24 hours notice prior to a make-up trial a full refund will be provided unless an alternative time is arranged.

Bookings will only ever be cancelled due to personal emergencies, breakdown, illness, offensive behaviour during the booking process up until wedding day/event and severe weather conditions and is of the discretion of Brides to be Make-up.   Brides to be Make-up will always try their best to accommodate should these circumstances ever arise and we will not leave you 'high and dry' should cancellation be down to the following: emergencies, breakdown or illness. Please note that this is at the discretion of Brides to be Make-up and the circumstances that arise.

Cancellations made by you

Should you wish to cancel you're trial - all deposits will be retained unless an alternative trial date is arranged.  Your deposit will still then be secure . All deposits are deducted from wedding day balance only

Should you wish to cancel your wedding day make-up and hair you need to inform Brides to be make-up as soon as possible - within 72 hours from trial. In order to receive 30 percent of the deposit already paid and the rest will be retained by me. If you decide to cancel from 4 weeks prior to wedding day up to the wedding day itself, the entire deposit will be lost and the final balance which would have been paid 1 month prior to your wedding day. This is because it is unlikely that your wedding day will be filled with another booking. Emergencies and unforeseen circumstances will be taken into account. However only an apportion will be returned at the discretion of Brides to be Make-up, should this occur and is always at the discretion of Lauren at  Brides to be Make-up.

All trial monies are non refundable

Should a freelancer be working for Brides to be make-up, all of the cancellation periods still apply and Lauren (the owner of Brides to be Make-up) needs to be notified direct of any changes, cancellations made to booking direct at bridestobemup@yahoo.co.uk If you come up against any problems throughout your booking, please note that the bride or person that booked wedding/special occasion/pamper party is required to do so.

All Freelance rates at Brides to be make-up are the same. Trial balances are payable to the freelancer direct on the day of the trial in cash or transfer when freelancer or Lauren is still on the premises. Trial monies are non negotiable and Brides to be Make-up will not tolerate non payment of monies - this could result in cancellation of entire booking should this situation arise.  Do remember, deposit monies will be deducted off final balance payable direct to Brides to be Make-up 1 month prior to wedding day - where we will then pay the freelance team.

Should you wish to add people to have hair and or make-up to your original wedding booking, this is absolutely fine, just notify Lauren at Brides to be Make-up direct, where invoices will be updated accordingly and if needed increase the make-up and or hair artist attending on wedding day at no extra cost. Please give sufficient notice where possible, in order for your request to be accommodated to

Last minute bookings

If a last minute booking is made, please be aware that if within 2 weeks prior to wedding, the full balance is required at time of booking. Should a booking be made yet a trial is a matter of days before wedding day due to location not being in UK, the full wedding day balance is due 2 weeks prior to wedding day.  If you have a trial within that period as well and you don't want to proceed with your booking thereafter, you will receive 20 percent of the monies paid to date back. If you are a bride that lives abroad and isn't in the UK to have a trial 6-8 weeks before wedding day, please be aware this is the responsibility of you and if your not happy for whatever reason at trial in the short period before your wedding, trial monies will be retained as non refundable and you will only receive 20 percent of what you have paid overall for Brides to be make-up services. If this is a booking of 4 months or more this is classed as long standing booking, therefore, no further refunds will be due back to you in this instance of being based abroad. This also applies to bookings in the UK further afield.

Any bookings that are 24 hours away from wedding day normally due to another artist letting the bride down will be payable in 'cash' on the wedding day. If 7 days prior to wedding a bank transfer can be made. Details will be provided.

If you decide that you want to include others on the day of the actual day of wedding to your already booked bridal party - for make-up and or hair, this can only be accommodated to if there is reasonable time at the end of the already booked bridal party services.  Extra costs can be confirmed by the freelancer who is working with you on your wedding day.  If you are ever unsure, please revert to the prices on 'services page' These monies are payable direct in cash to freelancer or me if anyone is added on the day of wedding.

Any additional items such as clip in hair extensions, hair donuts, sparkly pins and eye lashes are an extra cost. Prices upon quotation.

Price Increases

Bridal make-up and hair prices can vary at seasonable times of the year, however you will always be informed prior to booking if this will affect you in any way and if booked before price increase, old prices will always be honoured.



The Finishing Touches

Whilst we are all happy to help you into you and your bridesmaids dresses on the day of your wedding, please be aware that this isn't covered by our insurance. Therefore, anything that happens whilst you are in your dress will be the owners (namely the bride's) responsibility.

Pictures for record keeping purposes and purely bridal marketing in house (inclusive of social media)  may be taken at trial and on your wedding day/event. If you would prefer the photos to not be used for website use for both Brides to be Make-up and any member of her freelance team who may have their own freelance business, please let Lauren know at time of booking or at your trial/wedding day should the opportunity occur.

Lauren and her team are fully public liability insured

Terms of business and what it means for you

Terms of business are set in place by Brides to be Make-up in order for the bride to be/client to know where they stand with regards to payment at time of booking, time of trial and when final balances for wedding day is due.

They are to be complied with at all times of which is always greatly appreciated.  It is the bride to be/client's responsibility to read these thoroughly before booking.  We do not get paid by the hour, we charge set rates which are agreed with you at time of booking.  We do not leave the trial  until you are 100% happy with what make-up and or hair service we have achieved for you.  Please remember - trials are in place to see whether you would like your make-up and or hair done for you on your special day. They aren't there to decide on non payment for trials you may have had if you are not wanting to book your wedding day if you have changed your mind,  as all fees are negotiated at time of booking.

What to expect  at enquiry stage? At time of enquiry and through to booking, you will receive an e mail quote outlining the monies due e.g. trial monies (which are payable on day of trial) and wedding day monies payable 1 month prior to wedding day.  Lastly, the deposit amount of £50 and why deposits are taken.  The bride to be/client confirms to go ahead and deposit is then paid to secure the wedding date in Brides to be Make-up/team's diary.

If at any time you are unsure after your trial as to what payment is due and when, please visit this page to clarify.  All freelancer's are instructed to collect their monies at the end of the trial  in cash by Brides to be Make-up and any monies that are owed back to you from the deposit will be issued after Brides to be Make-up has received an e mail direct from bride/client within 72 hours from trial date, confirming they wish to not proceed with the booking.  If you no longer want us to hold your wedding day, 30% of deposit monies will be returned thereafter the trial. Moving forward, if you are happy to still proceed with booking following your trial, your deposit will then be deducted from final wedding day balance (refer to payments section) Please note, deposit monies cannot be redeemed against trial monies as this does not cover what we would have been paid by you 'the bride to be/client should the wedding/event have gone ahead booked through Brides to be Make-up.

Should you require invoicing/receipts at any stage throughout the booking process, please let Brides to be Make-up know and will send direct to you.  Otherwise you will be sent a standard e mail to confirm monies have been received.

If you have any other questions, please contact us using the contact page